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Sep 04, 2022 / 1 min read

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Verification of today’s devices takes an enormous amount of computing power. Advanced methodologies require a huge number of automated tests to exercise all parts of the design. Regression tests must run frequently to ensure that changes do not break previously verified functionality. Most projects cannot afford to buy enough compute resources and simulation licenses to meet their peak demand, and many projects struggle to build their own verification infrastructure. A more flexible approach is required.

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“Scalable, On-Demand (by the Minute) Verification to Reach Coverage Closure”
Presented by: Sridhar Panchapakesan, Sr. Director, Cloud Engagements &
Rob van Blommestein, Product Marketing Manager, Sr. Staff, Synopsys

Synopsys Cloud Webinar

On-demand scalable verification on the cloud can help. With the ability to now run simulations by the minute, teams can marshal the power of more resources whenever project needs dictate. This new reality allows verification teams to reach coverage closure faster even as time-to-market windows shrink.

The Synopsys Verification Instance on the cloud not only accelerates coverage closure with its pre-configured flows and elimination of time-consuming setup but also helps to increase the quality of results through its built-in coverage manager.

Verification teams should not miss the chance to learn about a powerful, innovative approach that does not require them to become cloud experts.

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