Optimizing AI, IoT & Automotive with LPDDR5

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Jun 11, 2019 / 2 min read

LPDDR5 new features for AI, IoT, and automotive

The semiconductor industry is buzzing with new technologies – Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), IoT, Automotive, etc. – bringing a revolution by easing out our day-to-day lives and improving considerably performance, bandwidth and reliable data processing and transfer. Reliability and data integrity are even more important for safety critical verticals where even the slightest error can be catastrophic. Stepping up to meet industry trends, JEDEC recently announced its fifth revision of LPDDR standard JESD209-5 which is all equipped to match the latest bandwidth, power, performance, and reliability trends. Immediately following this, Synopsys announced the Industry’s First LPDDR5 IP & VIP Solution Extending Leadership in DDR5/LPDDR5. Strengthening our leadership in memory VIP, recently we also announced the Industry’s First DDR5 NVDIMM-P Verification IP, showing our continued collaboration with leading memory vendors.

LPDDR5 supports a data bandwidth of 6400Mbps with a voltage swing as low as 0.3V. This blog will briefly define the new features introduced in LPDDR5, starting with the features that help to significantly reduce power consumption.

LPDDR5 table for power, performance, bandwidth, and reliability

To handle reliability in safety critical applications, JEDEC introduced the following features which ensure secure data transfers.

LPDDR5 table for power, performance, bandwidth, and reliability

LPDDR5 also has features which allow it to operate bullet fast with high speed data transfers, making it useful in applications like high definition gaming consoles and QHD displays, etc.

LPDDR5 table for power, performance, bandwidth, and reliability

For maintaining the optimal performance, LPDDR5 added the following features:


LPDDR5 table for power, performance, bandwidth, and reliability

From the wide array of features introduced in LPDDR5 we can see that this mighty beast is much more powerful and equipped to be used in applications like medical imaging, automotive, AI, ML, etc. Synopsys is engaged with the early adopters of LPDDR5 VIP since 2016. For more information on Synopsys memory VIP, please visit http://synopsys.com/vip.

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