VC Verification IP for SATA

Synopsys VC Verification IP (VIP) for Serial ATA (SATA) is designed to verify SATA-based designs using both random and directed simulation.

Verification IP for SATA

Protocol Features

  • SATA Gen 1, 2, and 3 plus extensions
  • Can be used at any link speed including 6 Gb
  • Acts as Host or Device or Port Multiplier
  • Supports all SATA commands (PIO, DMA, LCQ, NCQ, Send / Receive FPDMA Queued)
  • Support for interrupt aggregation
  • OOB sequence generation and checking
  • Support for Serial, 10B (SAPIS), and PIPE interfaces
  • SERDES model capable of Receiver clock recovery
  • Scalable for multiple instantiations in a test bench
  • Configurable pattern generation for random, directed or erroneous patterns
  • Includes transactor interfaces for directed testing
  • Provides parameters for constrained random testing and accelerated coverage closure.
  • Support for power management modes (Partial, Slumber, Devslp)
  • Callbacks provided for directed testing