HAPS ProtoCompiler

The Fastest Way to Deliver Synopsys HAPS Prototypes

Prototypes for pre-silicon system validation and software development are essential for today's IP and SoC design teams. But development schedules are short and the brief time from "RTL source code drop" to test chip availability means that prototyping engineers are under tremendous pressure to deliver an operational prototype as fast as possible. HAPS ProtoCompiler is designed to minimize the effort and time required to bring-up and then deploy a Synopsys HAPS Series system for IP validation and software development with automation features for design planning, logic synthesis, debug, and connectivity to other verification environments like Synopsys VCS and ZeBu. The prototyping software is tightly integrated with the HAPS prototypes to deliver system performance unmatched by traditional "budget" circuit boards and FPGA design tools. 

Benefits and Features

  • FPGA Synthesis for HAPS
  • System Planning
  • Debug and Bring-Up