HAPS Prototyping Software

Synopsys’ prototyping software tools provide engineers with design planning, logic synthesis, and debug, tools to address the largest system-on-chip (SoC) designs. Synopsys prototyping software is applied by hundreds of design teams worldwide to maximize productivity when using HAPS systems.

Comprehensive Design Automation and Debug for HAPS Prototypes

If you're involved with system validation or software development tasks then you're painfully aware of the demanding prototype project schedule that drives engineers to deliver operational prototypes within weeks or even days following the RTL source code "drop" from the design and verification teams. There is little time for delay and this focus on reducing the "time-to-first" prototype has influenced the design and usage model for the HAPS prototypes and HAPS ProtoCompiler.

HAPS ProtoCompiler delivers key features and benefits to address both rapid prototype bring-up and fast system performance:

  • Parallel processing, runtime optimizations, and short design iteration loops allow designers to deliver an operational HAPS system within days of IP/RTL source code availability
  • Billion ASIC gate capacity to handle the highest-capacity HAPS systems ensures that you can support SoC/ASIC prototype projects today and in the future
  • Constraint-driven partitioning, high-speed time-domain multiplexing of FPGA I/Os, and system-level routing to maximize HAPS system clock performance
  • Flexible and high-capacity storage options for single or multi-FPGA debug maximizes observability and sample rates available for HAPS systems
  • ARM AMBA compatible transactor level interfaces ease implementation of hybrid prototypes
HAPS Prototyping Hardware/Software Flow

HAPS Prototyping Hardware/Software Flow