TestMAX CustomFault

Enabling Full-chip Analog Fault Simulation for Functional Safety and Test Coverage Analysis

The growth in safety-critical applications, combined with high analog defect rates, is driving the need for rigorous verification of safety and test coverage on automotive ICs. Traditionally, IC designers have relied on expert judgment and highly targeted fault simulations to ensure safety and test coverage since exhaustive fault simulation is cost-prohibitive. With the availability of commercial tools, IC designers are now able to use analog fault simulation to systematically verify safety and test coverage on their ICs with a high degree of confidence.

Synopsys TestMAX CustomFault is a breakthrough new product that enables full-chip analog fault simulation. With its industry-leading CustomSim FastSPICE technology and Adaptive Weighted Random Sampling, TestMAX CustomFault delivers orders-of-magnitude performance improvement for functional safety and test coverage analysis.

TestMAX CustomFault aids in functional safety verification, manufacturing test, and silicon failure analysis

TestMAX CustomFault high-performance analog fault simulation solution


  • CustomSim FastSPICE technology for highest throughput
  • Extensible to enable FineSim technology for fault simulations
  • 10–1000X fewer simulations with Adaptive Weighted Random Sampling
  • Mixed-signal with VCS
  • Massively parallel simulations
  • Built-in GUI for simulation setup, launch, and debug
  • Multi-testbench grading flow
  • Advanced diagnostics and ISO 26262 metrics reporting