Product quality and yield, operational efficiency, and time-to-market continue to be dominant drivers in the semiconductor industry.

Data Analytics for High-Volume Semiconductor Manufacturing and Test

Product quality and yield, operational efficiency, and time-to-market continue to be dominant drivers in the semiconductor industry.

Adding to this complexity is a diverse manufacturing and test supply-chain of independent providers all continuously generating extremely large amounts of different types of chip-related data in different formats. The knowledge contained within this data is critical to properly managing these key drivers. However, current solutions in the market used for collecting and storing data, normalizing and monitoring the data quality and completeness, and analyzing and providing actionable insights on all of this data are falling well short of expectations. It is extremely vital that any data analytics solution help identify catastrophic issues during the chip manufacturing and test process as early as possible. 


SiliconDash is the next generation high-volume industrial big data analytics solution for fabless companies, IDMs, OSATs and foundries. It delivers comprehensive end-to-end real-time intelligence and control of manufacturing and test operations of your IC and MCM (multi-chip module) products for executives, managers, product engineers, test engineers, quality engineers, sustaining engineers, device engineers, yield engineers and test operators.

SIliconDash table with flow of data
Unprecedented Productivity Savings
  • Dashboards and reports known as Insights are all available instantly out-of-the-box with no user setup, configuration or training required – an industry first
  • Real-time systematic and fully automated data preparation and analytics are provided 24/7 on ALL incoming data of the entire manufacturing chain from high-volume data streams across geographically dispersed manufacturing and test operations
  • All other data analytics solutions in the market require significant configuration, training and ramp up time before delivering anything of value while consuming many man-days to weeks of your engineering productivity

SiliconDash offers truly unprecedented engineering productivity by allowing you to focus on your job and providing you with incredibly valuable insights all at your fingertips within seconds of opening up SiliconDash and continues with real-time data streaming continuously into SiliconDash 24/7. 

However, it is important to note that the productivity benefits seen from SiliconDash also include our total preparation of the data insuring that all data is complete (no escapes), cleaned and standardized across all various types of data. In addition, further productivity benefits are realized by the robustness of our algorithms and analytics which provides repeatable and consistent results across all products over time with the highest capture rate (valid findings) and lowest false positive rate (non-accurate findings).

Lastly, SiliconDash enables organizational productivity with the ability to allow you to instantly make decisions on incoming data and act on analytical Insights through automated or manual methods. Simply put, SiliconDash turns test data into valuable information that is easy enough for anyone to view and use. It looks at all your data as it streams in and applies analytics automatically and then alerts you when there is something significant and/or actionable.

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Quick Identification of Root Causes
  • Uniquely architected with the user experience in mind, SiliconDash enables you to quickly analyze, triage and identify root causes of issues by enabling automated part-level traceability and analytics across the entire supply chain 
  • Provides high-level production and engineering dashboards as well as detailed visualization and drill-down capabilities for more in-depth analysis to quickly identify issues and track down the root cause
  • Allows users to easily create their own custom dashboards such as corporate traffic light dashboards, supplier dashboards, equipment dashboards, technology dashboards, etc.
Composite image of SiliconDash user interface screenshots with lines and data points

Figure 1. From hierarchical analysis to root cause in only a few clicks.

Automated Production Control
  • SiliconDash goes beyond analysis turning Insights into corrective actions by providing full production control in the supply-chain automatically and in real-time
  • With the use of preconfigured libraries of recipes, algorithms and scripting support, users can configure and deploy rules running 24/7 on the manufacturing test floor that can intercept test operations upon triggering specific conditions known to be causing serious issues
  • These rules can be configured to automatically send out alerts or emails and if required, halt specific test operations altogether in real-time

For example, if there is an indication that a tester may be allowing test escapes into the final end product, that machine can be ordered to be stopped and wait for maintenance before being allowed to test any other parts.

Alternatively, dice on wafers that show a higher than normal number of probable-failure indicators during wafer-level testing, such as increased leakage, can be automatically binned out to prevent being packaged into products that require the highest quality, zero-defect assurances. Certain parts used in automotive systems and medical devices have strict zero defective parts per million (DPPM) requirements and some are starting to approach zero defective parts per billion (DPPB) to ensure the highest possible quality and prevent any catastrophic failures while the end product is in use.

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Secure SaaS Offering
  • SiliconDash is available to customers as a secure, centrally hosted SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) offering with two deployable options as shown in the figure below
  • The application is securely accessed by ANY number of authorized users using a thin client via a web browser
  • Provides the flexibility for customers to access their data anywhere in the world on any secure device without having to be tied to their desktop computer on a restricted network

The SaaS cloud-based off-premises deployment option offers customers significant advantages. Customers can leverage and run on scalable and powerful hardware platforms in a secure data center without the costs of building and maintaining complex infrastructures typically associated with data analytics across worldwide operations. This cloud-based service is centrally hosted within a 3rd party data center where Synopsys takes care of the hardware and software deployment, configuration, monitoring, maintenance, data integration and data management operations. Included as part of this cloud-based solution, Synopsys partners with top tier data centers across the globe that use the latest state-of-the-art technologies to guarantee the highest level of security, performance and availability. Our infrastructure partners are ISO 27001 certified and also provide multiple levels of redundancy to ensure consistent high performance and prevent against any unforeseen equipment downtime.

In the other on-premises deployment model, the customer opts to use their own private data center for their hardware configuration but Synopsys provides the full software deployment and data management. In this use model, the entire environment is jointly managed by both internal customer IT departments and Synopsys.

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Comparison Charts For SiliconDash data flow versus not using SiliconDash

Figure 2. Two flexible deployment options:  cloud-based off-premises or private on-premises.


Key Features
  • Out-of-the-box access to full breadth of comprehensive dashboards and reports
  • Users can generate custom dashboard views that contain any collection of charts
  • Continuous 24/7 monitoring and analysis of high-volume content rich data streams
  • Automated part level traceability and analytics across the entire supply chain
  • Quick drill down into details, performing root cause analysis, what-if-scenarios, modeling
  • Flexible production control platform enabling corrective action within specific manufacturing and test operations
  • Modern high-speed web-based UI technology enabling ease-of-use and a worldwide collaborative infrastructure between users of different roles and profiles
  • Extremely fast tool response times and virtually instant data visualizations and content delivery regardless of data volume
  • Consumption of any volume of test data from any data source, equipment or supplier in any format
  • Built-in mechanisms providing real-time monitoring and repair of all incoming data guaranteeing data quality and completeness above 99%
  • Instant and automated stacking, merging, alignment and aggregation of all incoming data for every manufactured product
  • Service hundreds of users simultaneously through secure web infrastructures
  • ISO 27001 certified – your data, the data centers and SiliconDash are all secure

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