Adding a New Dimension – 4D Image Support in Simpleware ScanIP Medical S-2021.06

Posted on 7 June 2021 by Celia Butler


We are delighted to announce our S-2021.06 release of Simpleware ScanIP Medical, which includes the addition of 4D image support. This further development helps the already powerful solution to better address those analyzing time-dependent image data.

4D Image Support

Working with 4D image data to create accurate patient-specific models has often been a challenge due to having to deal with each time step in isolation. Simpleware ScanIP Medical now offers full 4D image support, allowing you to easily:

  • Import 4D image data in a range of formats
  • Control and compare frames using the 4D frame toolbox
  • Perform automatic segmentation and landmarking in 4D
  • Use cine modes for 2D slice views and 3D rendering
  • Export image data, images, and animations

Benefits of Using Simpleware 4D Image Support

  • Make more informed decisions: The addition of motion and time gives significant insight into changes in position and geometry in the structure you are investigating.
  • Enhance your visualization of time-stepped image data: View all or part of the system as it runs through a cycle.
  • Create accurate patient-specific models for pre-surgical planning: Generate high-quality models with anatomical landmarks and annotations, and share them with your colleagues.

Examples of Use: Cardiovascular System

  • Track changes in vessels through a heartbeat: measure the min/max/change in cross-sectional area.
  • Guide implant positioning: Use anatomical landmarks when fitting stents to the mitral valve.
  • Check fit and function of implanted devices: Visualize not only image data but also stents, replacement valves, pacemakers, etc.


When working with Cardiac image data, import full (or selected parts) of a time series through a simple dialogue box, allowing you to preview the heart images and any patient information before import. A range of 4D image data formats can be imported including DICOM, stacks of images, raw files, etc.

Once imported, each time frame can be viewed in the 2D slice view or in 4D using the 4D Frame toolbox. In 2D, you can use the Cine mode to view the heart pumping in all three orthogonal directions simultaneously or chose one view and compare two different time steps (and cycle through these as required).

In 3D, you can use Cine mode with background volume rendering or the segmented image data or model. When using background volume rendering, you can combine this option with the new masking feature to hide the ribs or unwanted parts or organs which are present in the image data. Zoom or rotate these cycling animations to see the heart function and understand its performance.

4D automatic heart segmentation for all time steps can be performed using Simpleware AS Cardio, which also includes automatic anatomical landmarking for each time step. Alternatively, new presets have been added to the Split regions tool for a range of anatomies, including the heart, to further speed up any semi-manual approach and quickly building a robust model.

Once the segmentation is complete, the results can be used for a range of applications:

  • Simply visualize and gain further insight, particularly for internal structures.
  • Use Simpleware ScanIP’s range of measurement tools to perform quick measurements of volume, surface area, cross-sections from centerlines, etc.
  • Place CAD parts in relation to your image data (using landmarks, fitted planes etc.) such as stents, pacemakers, or valve replacements.
  • Create modules to aid planning, and export for 3D printing using the new dedicated 3D printing toolkit.
  • Generate volume meshes specifically optimized for CFD simulation and FE simulation.

4D image support adds a great advantage for those using time-stepped data for cardiology and a wide range of other fields. Being able to build accurate patient-specific models which show the heart function will not only aid diagnosis but also improve pre-surgical planning and patient communication.

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For existing customers, please visit SolvNetPlus to download the new version. Please be aware that the format of the installer has changed - see the installation guide and contact Simpleware support for further help and information. 

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