Simpleware Automated Solution Modules

3D Image Processing for Life Sciences with Machine Learning

Simpleware automated solutions are powered by AI technology using Machine Learning (ML) algorithms. What is currently a laborious process that occupies significant engineering resources and time, can now be completed quickly, accurately and with less variability.

Simpleware ML algorithms are fully scalable, and achieve more consistency and increased reliability than manual segmentation. The technology also dramatically streamlines the processing of large data batches in both pre-surgical planning and medical device design. Reducing time on manual processing frees up engineering time for more complex and higher value tasks.

Why use Simpleware Automated Solutions?

Use Simpleware automated solutions to accelerate your image to model workflows and produce results with minimal mouse clicks.

  • Automated, robust, fast: Significantly reduce time spent on tedious manual processes.
  • Reliable: Simpleware ML algorithms are trained by experts and checked by clinical professionals.
  • Consistent: Eliminate inconsistencies and need for multiple reviews.
  • Easy-to-use: Shorten learning curve for new technicians and engineers.
  • Boost throughput: Efficiently process large numbers of datasets 20 - 50 times faster.
  • Less Segmentation – More Innovation: Free up engineering time for more complex and high value tasks.

Simpleware AI/ML Modules

Discover our collection of anatomy-specific Auto Segmenter modules, as well as fully customizable options for different workflows or anatomies.

Simpleware AS Ortho (Auto Segmenter for Orthopedics)

  • Anatomy-specific automated segmentation for hips and knees
  • Segments bones and/or cartilage and identifies common landmarks
  • Hip segmentation from CT scans includes: Proximal Femurs, Pelvis and Sacrum
  • Hip landmarks placed on Pelvis, Coccyx, and Femurs
  • Knee segmentation from MRI scans (PD weighted Sag/Cor, T2 Cor) includes: Femur, Tibia, and associated cartilage, Patella, Fibula
  • Knee landmarks placed on Femur and Tibia

Simpleware AS Cardio (Auto Segmenter for the Cardiovascular System)

  • Anatomy-specific automated segmentation for hearts
  • Segments blood pool cavities and selected muscle tissue as well as identifying common key landmarks
  • Heart segmentation from CT scans includes: left and right Atriums and Ventricles, Aorta, Pulmonary Artery and Myocardium
  • Landmarks placed on Aorta, and left Ventricle

Simpleware Custom Modeler

  • Automated solution purpose-built for your needs
  • Harness the power of Simpleware software and our expert engineering knowledge
  • Work with our team to create a tailored solution for your current processes
  • In addition to automated segmentation, your custom solution can include fully automated:
    • Image processing,
    • Landmarking
    • Measurements, statistics and reports
    • Models meshed and ready for 3D printing, CAD or simulation
    • And much more...

The software modules on this page are intended for non-clinical research use only, and have not been cleared for use as a medical device in accordance with U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) or European Union CE marking standards.

All the Tools and Features in the Simpleware Auto Segmenter Modules

Simpleware AS Ortho and AS Cardio provide automated segmentation tools generating masks and landmarks from CT and MRI. Download the Simpleware AS Ortho and AS Cardio technical datasheets for a list of all segmented regions and landmarks available in the latest release.

Download Datasheet


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