Simpleware Image Processing Tools

<p>ScanIP provides a comprehensive segmentation software environment for processing 3D image data (MRI, CT, micro-CT, FIB-SEM…). The software offers powerful image visualization, analysis, segmentation, and quantification tools. ScanIP exports to CAD and 3D printing, with additional modules available for FE meshing, CAD and image data integration, NURBS export, and calculating effective material properties.</p>

Image Import, Visualization and Processing

Simpleware software provides an extensive selection of image visualization and processing tools to manage complex 3D and 4D scan data. Seamlessly handle challenges such as poor contrast, artifacts, and low-resolution images to achieve accurate results with ease. High-quality segmentation ensures that models are optimally prepared for subsequent design, simulation and 3D printing workflows.


Why Use Simpleware Software for Image Processing?

  • Easy-to-learn and use: Intuitive interface with quick-and-easy access to all tools and features.
  • Robust and fast: Powerful tools for rendering, transforming, and improving image data.
  • Accurate and reliable: Comprehensive segmentation of even the most complex 3D image data.
  • Customizable: Automate repeatable tasks and operations with scripting and plug-ins.
  • Compatible: Enhanced (two-way) communication with PACS servers.
  • Fully supported: All licenses come with full support from our expert team of application engineers.

From 3D Image to Segmented Model

Import & Visualization

  • 3D & 4D image data import of any scale: MRI, CT, micro-CT, Ultrasound, Confocal Microscopy, FIB-SEM, 2D image stacks, Raw image data…
  • Compliance with DICOM standards, including medical options
  • Co-registration of multiple datasets
  • High-quality visualizations with fast GPU rendering
  • Wide range of image quality improvements to reduce noise and artefacts, smooth images…
  • Animations toolbox and video export

Image Processing & Segmentation

  • Automated and semi-automated tools to quickly obtain regions of interest: thresholding, region growing, floodfill…
  • Image-space lofting (interpolation) tool
  • Split/merge watershed-based segmentation
  • Greyscale-based slice-to-slice propagation
  • Tools for handling challenging image data with poor contrast, artefacts and low quality

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Other Tools and Features in Simpleware Software

Simpleware software provides an extensive selection of 3D image processing, analysis, and model generation tools for working with image data. Check out the all the other features:


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