Simpleware Volume Mesh Tools

Image-Based Meshing for FEA & CFD

Simpleware software provides a direct route from image data to simulation. Generate volume meshes that are ready to use in leading FE/CFD solvers. Customize models with a wide range of options to meet specific simulation needs, including contact surfaces, boundary conditions, and material properties. Rely on meshing software that generates simulation-ready models, with no need for postprocessing or fixing.


Why Use Simpleware Software for Volume Meshing?

  • Automated and fast: From segmented image to solver-ready model in minutes.
  • Accurate and reliable: Image accuracy maintained during meshing, multi-part models guaranteed without gaps or overlaps.
  • Flexible: Adapt mesh sizes with user-definable mesh refinement, optimize element qualities against a wide choice of metrics.
  • Robust: Conforming interfaces and shared nodes remove the need for further processing in other software.
  • Compatible: Export directly to the FE/CFD solver of your choice, with extensive options for different simulation requirements.
  • Fully supported: All licenses come with full support from our expert team of application engineers.

From 3D Image to High-Quality Volume Mesh

Multipart Volumetric Meshing

  • Choice of meshing algorithms
  • Conforming multi-part volume meshes
  • Sub-voxel image-based accuracy
  • Feature-based and user-defined mesh refinement
  • Define contacts, node sets and shells for FE meshes
  • Define inlets/outlets and boundary layer meshing for CFD meshes
  • Optimize element qualities against a choice of multiple metrics (Jacobian, in-out-aspect ratio…)
Conforming multi-part volume mesh in Simpleware FE
Multipart mesh of a human torso in Simpleware FE

Additional Features and Export Options

  • Background material mapping for FE exports (Hounsfield, porosity, fiber density and orientation…)
  • Import and remesh standard volume mesh formats (Ansys, Abaqus, Nastran, VTK)
  • FE/CFD mesh inspection against different metrics
  • Directly export to all major FE and CFD solvers (Abaqus, Ansys, COMSOL, LS-DYNA, MATLAB, VTK, FLUENT, OpenFOAM…)

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Other Tools and Features in Simpleware Software

Simpleware software provides an extensive selection of 3D image processing, analysis, and model generation tools for working with image data. Check out the all the other features:


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