Simpleware Datasheets

Simpleware provides a complete platform for analyzing 3D image data, integrating CAD-designs, and generating high-quality models for FE/CFD simulation. Simpleware benefits from an extensive range of tools to accurately process and analyze even the most complex structures. Offering options to customize and automate workflows, Simpleware is the ideal solution for life sciences, materials and manufacturing applications.

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Available Simpleware Product Information

Simpleware Solution Brochures:

  • Simpleware Automated Solutions
  • Simpleware Human Body Models
  • Simpleware Software Solutions for Clinical Applications
  • Simpleware Software Solutions for Life Sciences
  • Simpleware Software Solutions for Materials & Manufacturing

Simpleware Application & Industry Leaflets:

Life Sciences:

  • Simpleware Software for Analyzing Physiological Flows
  • Simpleware Software for EM Simulation and Neuromodulation
  • Simpleware Software for Orthopedics & Medical Device Design
  • Simpleware Software for Pre-Surgical Planning and 3D Printing.

Materials & Manufacturing:

  • Simpleware Software for Composite and Material Characterization
  • Simpleware Software for Design of Energy Materials
  • Simpleware Software for Digital Rock Physics and Geomechanics
  • Simpleware Software for High-Value Part Inspection

Customer and Partner Success Stories:

  • Digital Rock - Multiphase Flow Through Porous Media with Pöyry
  • Optimizing AM Part Testing with North Star Imaging (NSI), ANSYS, and Moog

CAE Solver-Specific Leaflets:

  • From 3D Images to Simulation with Simpleware and Abaqus
  • From 3D Images to Simulation with Simpleware and ANSYS
  • From 3D Images to Simulation with Simpleware and COMSOL

Simpleware Release Information:

  • Simpleware Software Modules and Licensing Options (S-2021.06 release)
  • Simpleware Software Release S-2021.06 for Life Sciences
  • Simpleware Software Release S-2021.06 for Materials & Manufacturing

Simpleware Technical Datasheets:

  • Feature Comparison Table of Simpleware Software Products
  • Simpleware ScanIP Technical Data Sheet
  • Simpleware AS Ortho Technical Data Sheet
  • Simpleware AS Cardio Technical Data Sheet
  • Simpleware FE Technical Data Sheet
  • Simpleware CAD Technical Data Sheet
  • Simpleware Design Link Technical Data Sheet
  • Simpleware NURBS Technical Data Sheet
  • Simpleware Physics Modules Technical Data Sheet

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