Simpleware Consulting Services

Complete Image Processing, Model and Mesh Generation Services

Benefit from our expertise in working with 3D image data. Our team of engineers will work with you every step of the way to deliver the best solution for your needs. We will make sure that your final output matches your requirements. Receive dedicated support to guarantee high-quality results. Consulting sessions can be arranged in person or virtually, and we guarantee secure and confidential data handling. Work with our engineers to solve your challenges and create a perfect solution.

Image-based Model Generation for CAD, CAE and 3D Printing

Our consulting team consists of specialists in image processing and model generation for many applications. We will work with you to develop a model, or series of models, that are tailored to your specific needs. This can be based on your own scan data or we can work with you to source image datasets. Take advantage of our expert knowledge and patented technology to receive high-quality models and reliable analyses.

The following are just some of the specifications you can request:

  • Image data analysis (volumes, defects, fiber orientation…)
  • Model export formats (CAD, FE/CFD solvers, 3D printing formats...)
  • Mesh size and quality
  • Contact surfaces, boundary conditions, material properties…
  • Models combining CAD and image data
  • Deviation analysis (as-designed vs. as-built)

Automated Segmentation and More

Harness the power of our expert engineering knowledge and Machine Learning to create an automated solution purpose-built for your needs. Our team will use problem-specific data, and work with you to deliver a tailored service for your current processes.

Your customized solution can include fully automated:

  • Segmentation and image processing (e.g. noise reduction, smoothing, or artefact reduction)
  • Landmarking
  • Measurements and statistics
  • Report generation
  • Models meshed and ready for 3D printing, CAD or simulation
  • And much more...

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Human Body Models

Simpleware Human Body Models represents medically accurate 3D anatomies based on high-quality CAD, CT and MRI data. We can offer an extensive library of generic models tailored to your requirements, or work with your own datasets to generate models with customized features. Receive high-quality human body models for investigating medical devices, consumer products, or any other human-related activity.

Among many applications, these models allow you to:

  • Improve the fit of products to the head, ear, wrist, arm, etc.
  • Simulate the mechanical wear of medical devices once implanted
  • Understand the electromagnetic effects of a device on the surrounding anatomy

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