CAD and Simulation-Ready 3D Anatomical Models for Product Design and R&D

Why Simpleware Human Body Models?

In order to manufacture the highest-quality products, we make sure that your device development workflow is validated with the most realistic 3D anatomical models.

  • Among many applications, these models allow you to:
  • Improve the fit of devices to the head, ear, wrist, arm, etc.
  • Simulate the mechanical wear of medical devices once implanted
  • Understand the electromagnetic effects of a device on the surrounding anatomy

Simpleware Human Body Models are a turnkey solution that ensures anatomical fidelity and flexible customization - models work the first time, every time.

How will Simpleware Human Body Models help my work?

Leveraging Simpleware Human Body Models allows your team to:

  • Focus on product design and simulation, not generating and fixing models
  • Reduce design iteration timelines
  • Reduce the number of expensive cadaveric or clinical patient tests
  • Have a better understanding of device-human interactions

Our team of engineers will work with you every step of the way to create the best human body model for your workflow. We will make sure that your final output models match your original requirements. Receive dedicated support to guarantee a high-quality result

Realistic and Proven Anatomies with Exceptional Model Accuracy

Simpleware Human Body Models represents medically accurate 3D anatomies based on high-quality CAD, CT and MRI data. Proprietary model generation techniques in our award-winning Simpleware software ensure that models can be integrated directly into your workflows. Receive high-quality models whether investigating medical devices, consumer products, or any other human-related activity.

  • Increase confidence in decision-making with high-quality models
  • Streamline human-centric design workflows to save on later manufacturing costs
  • Avoid steep learning curve for creating models with ready-to-use anatomies

Comprehensive and Regularly Updated Datasets

We offer an extensive library of generic models that can be tailored to your requirements. This includes everything from highly detailed head models, from MRI and CT data, to populations covering different ages and BMIs. We can also work with your own datasets to generate high-quality models with bespoke features.

  • Rely on an expertly curated library of models
  • Benefit from a high level of detail for complex modelling
  • Trust in verified and validated datasets

Tried and Tested Export Compatibility

Simpleware Human Body Models have been deployed by Medical Devices, Consumer Products, Electronics, Wearables, and Automotive companies. They are ready to be exported to third party platforms, from FE solvers to CAD packages and 3D printing systems. Options are also available to import and combine CAD files with image data, and to export deliverables to suit the needs of different groups within the same company.

  • All deliverables guaranteed error-free and simulation-ready
  • Select from range of common CAD files (STL, IGES, STEP)
  • Obtain models for direct import to leading FE solvers (ANSYS, COMSOL, Abaqus, NASTRAN, LS-DYNA…)

Future-Proof Solutions Customized to Your Needs

Unlike traditional application-specific human body models, we offer a highly customized solution that tailors anatomical data to your workflow. Simply select which parts you need and build unique models from over a thousand segmented anatomical structures. Work with our team of expert engineers to solve your design and simulation challenges and get the results you need quickly and accurately.

  • Avoid using out-of-date models
  • Tailor models to bottleneck challenges, rather than relying on ‘off-the-shelf’ products
  • Work with us to adapt and refine your models to new projects

Proven Customer Satisfaction

Our successful customers work in applications from Medical Devices to Consumer Products, Electronics, and Wearables, to name just a few examples.

“We had the idea to simulate our medical devices in a virtual platform, but were stuck with the importation of a human body in the simulation software. Thanks to Synopsys Simpleware software, we easily solved our problem of importation, and the virtual simulation has become part of our feasibility practice today. I highly recommend Simpleware software!”

Ismael Rattalino | MicroPort CRM

“We’ve done a good amount of testing…Simpleware, I’d say by far, produces the highest-quality STLs we’ve found in any software... all the tools are very similar...the export of the STLs and the quality of the meshes – they’re always watertight…they’re always really accurate. If you take your models and load them back against the data, you’ll see that it’s perfect”

Brent Chanin | Mediprint

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