3D Human Anatomical Models for Simulation

We can generate computational human body models from your own datasets (e.g. MRI, CT, micro-CT...), and can also create models based on our whole-body, high-resolution MRI and CT datasets. Choose from existing generic models or configure models to your requirements (number of tissues, mesh density, solver formats...).

Example applications

  • Medical device design and development
  • Consumer appliance fitting and testing
  • Effects of physical forces/EM waves on the body

Our datasets

We provide a large collection of anatomical datasets and model choices, which were created from CT and MRI scans to ensure geometrical accuracy. Our models offer outstanding levels of detail, with options to select from over a thousand segmented anatomical structures.

Choose from generic models for meeting common simulation challenges, or customize the model to your specific needs.

  • Highly detailed head models based on MRI data
  • Full human body models taken from XCAT phantoms
  • Datasets cover a range of ages (6-72) and BMIs (5th percentile to 90th)
  • New datasets regularly added

Integrate CAD and image data

Models can be customized to combine CAD with image data prior to export as meshes for FEA. Medical devices, consumer products and objects such as helmets can be added to models, enabling comprehensive analysis of how they interact with the human body.

Surface and volume mesh generation

Models are created using Simpleware proprietary meshing algorithms that ensure a multi-part, simulation-ready mesh with conforming interfaces and shared/coincident nodes. Surface and volumetric meshes can be easily generated from image data, with options available for assigning material properties and defining FE and CFD information. Export formats can be specified to suit all leading FE/CFD solvers, CAD packages and 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing processes.

Contact Information

If you are interested in Simpleware software or need additional information, please contact us.