Custom Development

Bespoke Script and Software Development

As part of the software maintenance that comes with the software, as a Simpleware customer, like many others are already doing, you have access to our team of technical experts who will guide and assist you in writing your own scripts that interface with Simpleware ScanIP using its powerful scripting API. If you do not have the expertise to develop your own scripts in house or simply wish to go further, we provide services for developing bespoke code to suit your specific needs.

Bespoke scripts and plug-ins development

We can design and create plug-ins for Simpleware software tailored to your requirements, allowing you to get the best from the software’s functionalities and beyond. Our engineers will help you shape the software to your workflow, ensuring your use of Simpleware is as efficient as possible. Nearly all functionalities within Simpleware are accessible from a fully documented API, with bindings available for Python, C# and Java.

Benefits of scripts and plug-ins:

  • Simplify your workflow with semi-automated scripts (similar to “Wizards”)
  • Automated scripts allow batch processing of many datasets
  • Plugins/scripts can provide new functionalities not already available in the software
  • Deploy scripts and plugins to ensure consistency throughout your data processing workflows across teams

Benefits of this scripts and plug-ins development service:

  • Full technical support for meeting project requirements
  • Secure and confidential data handling
  • Personalized service through email, phone, web-meetings, and personal visits
  • Scripts written in a choice of programming languages (Python, Boo, C#...)
  • On-site training and workshops available
  • Extensive experience in Life Sciences, Materials & Manufacturing workflows

Bespoke software development

In addition, contact us to discuss bespoke development services if you would like us to:

  • Develop new features in Simpleware products specific to your needs.
  • Develop standalone personalized applications based on Simpleware technology.

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