Simpleware CAD Module

CAD Integration and Import Software Module

The CAD integration and import module is fully integrated with ScanIP and allows CAD objects to be integrated with 3D images for export as multi-part CAD models or, using the FE module, multi-part CAE models. Applications include implant positioning for medical device research, evaluating interactions between anatomies and consumer products, and generating internal structures to reduce the weight of manufactured parts.

New in Version M-2017.06

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Landmark Registration Tool

  • Enhanced workflow for positioning surfaces
  • Removes need for manual positioning
  • Quickly align two surface objects based on matching user-defined landmarks

2D View Surface Object Nudge

  • Fine tune surface object positioning using model contours in the 2D slice views
  • Interactive refinements of objects through user-defined incremental translations


  • Easily combine CAD and image data
    - Avoid working with image-based models in CAD
  • Generate accurate meshes combining image and CAD data
    - Robust meshing algorithms in ScanIP and the FE module
  • Simplify the generation of multiple meshes for testing variability
    - Rapid, repeatable and accurate
  • Evaluate post-clinical outcomes based on patient-specific image data
    - Seamlessly replicate real-world scenarios

Key Features

  • Direct import of most common CAD formats into 3D image
  • User customizable graphical interface with 2D/3D views
  • ‘On the fly’ repair of non-watertight CAD models
  • Real-time interactive or direct keyboard input for accurate model positioning
  • Constrained motion positioning along user-defined vectors
  • Geometry preserving re-sampling
  • CAD primitives for template generation
  • Internal lattice generation
  • Export combined models as STL or into ScanIP for volume meshing