Simpleware CAD Module

Positioning of a dental implant in Simpleware CAD

CAD Import and Integration with 3D Images

Simpleware CAD offers the import and interactive positioning of surface objects within 3D image data. The module combines the realistic details of 3D images with idealized design features of a CAD object, so you can interactively analyze scanned parts and compare with original CAD designs. Simpleware CAD also provides an internal structures wizard for integrating lattice structures into CAD or image data for 3D printing. Applications include implant positioning for medical device research, evaluating interactions between anatomies and consumer products, and generating internal structures to reduce the weight of manufactured parts.

Why use Simpleware CAD?

Simpleware CAD makes it straightforward to combine surface objects and 3D image data and provides powerful image and CAD tools.

EPositioning of a hip stem, ball and cup in Simpleware CAD

  • Fast and easy-to-use: Intuitive surface editing tools integrated seamlessly into core Simpleware ScanIP environment.
  • Accurate and robust: Preserves design features of CAD objects.
  • Powerful: ‘Checks surface errors and repairs poor-quality CAD and STL models.
  • Flexible: Customizable user interface with 2D/3D views to work with surface and image objects together.
  • Compatible: Direct import of most common CAD formats (STL, IGES, STEP…)
  • Fully supported: All licences come with full support from our expert team of application engineers.

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Combining CAD and 3D Image Data

Import and Work with Surface Data

  • Import and natively work with CAD files in image space (STL, IGES, STEP…)
  • Landmark registration tools for positioning CAD in image data
  • Automatic registration with “Snap” tool for alike surfaces
  • Automatic fixing of erroneous CAD data on import
  • Preserve CAD feature edges when combined with image data
  • Robust Boolean operations
  • Surface deviation analysis for CAD and image data comparisons
CAD object with internal lattice structure in Simpleware CAD
Adding CAD part to 3D scan of an engine in Simpleware CAD

Internal Structures Wizard

  • Streamlined and flexible process for integrating lattice structures into CAD or image data
  • Reduce material usage and weight of 3D printed models
  • Customize the mechanical properties of industrial parts
  • Library of lattice designs available
  • Full control over specific volume fractions and unit cell size

All the Tools and Features in Simpleware CAD

Simpleware CAD comes with a comprehensive range of features for working with CAD and image data. Download the Simpleware CAD technical datasheet for a list of all features available in the latest release.

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