Simpleware FE Module

Meshing Software Module for FEA & CFD

Simpleware FE enables robust image-based meshing, providing a high quality solution for converting segmented 3D image data into multi-part volume meshes for export to Finite Element (FE) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) packages. Simpleware meshing software generates meshes with conforming interfaces and shared nodes, assigns material properties, defines contacts, node sets and shell elements, and defines boundary conditions for CFD. Speed up your workflow by removing the need for re-meshing in other software.

New in Version M-2017.06

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New Mesh Quality Metrics: Optimize mesh quality against specific quality metrics 

Save Mesh File

  • Avoid the need to remesh, reducing work time and boosting accessibility
  • Share meshes with colleagues
  • Increase accessibility and save time when working with project files

Export Multi-Label Mask Contacts

  • Easily Identify multiple, disconnected domains within one mask
  • Automatically export all contacts between domains to improve mesh output


  • Automated, robust and fast
    - Segmented image to analysis ready model in minutes
  • Complex mesh generated and solved on ‘off the shelf’ PC
    - Complex models attainable without high powered computing
  • Topological/morphological accuracy contingent only on image quality
    - Image accuracy maintained during segmentation and smoothing
  • Conforming mesh domains for FE and CFD, ideal for FSI analysis
    - Robust multi-part models without gaps or overlaps

Key Features

  • Mesh generation from data sets of arbitrary geometric complexity
  • User selection between grid based and free meshing approach
  • Material properties assigned to mesh based on signal strength
  • Topology and volume preserving smoothing algorithms
  • Meshing of multiple structures/regions of interest
  • Conforming contact surfaces/interfaces
  • User definable mesh refinement