Simpleware for Cardio & Respiratory Systems

Medical Image Processing Software for Air and Blood Flow Analysis

Use Simpleware for 3D medical image segmentation, medical image processing and model generation of cardiovascular and airway geometries from 3D medical imaging (MRI, CT, micro-CT...). Compare pre-and post-operative measurements, combine anatomical data with CAD stent models, and use CFD meshing tools to export models for fluid flow analyses.

Simpleware software has received FDA 510(k) market clearance for the following Indications for Use

Visualize and Process Image Data

3D medical data can be easily reconstructed using Simpleware software, with vessel and airway geometries visualized and segmented.

  • Visualize and explore data in 2D and 3D
  • Use medical orientation overlays
  • Obtain regions of interest using semi-automated tools
  • Create animations

Measure and Compute Statistics

Use a range of measurement tools and statistics to obtain detailed quantitative information from your medical image data.

  • Measure airways and vessels, place landmark points
  • Obtain centerlines
  • Compute range of statistics (volume, surface area, material properties, average greyscale...)

Integrate CAD and Image Data

It is possible to combine cardiovascular and airway geometries with CAD-designed medical devices such as stents, allowing users to:

  • Position CAD-designed medical devices within image data for inspection and measurement
  • Quantify models with landmarking and other surface tools
  • Export multi-part STL files for 3D printing, or volume meshes for further analysis in CFD solvers
  • Avoid working with image-based data in CAD programs and streamline mesh generation when exploring surgical variability

Export Robust CFD Meshes

With Simpleware software, you can convert segmented medical data into robust, simulation-ready multi-part models for CFD, with options to:

  • Generate meshes with conforming interfaces and shared nodes, removing the need for further processing in other software
  • Define boundary conditions for models, mesh boundary layers and add custom inlets and outlets for simulating air and fluid flow
  • Optimize mesh quality to specific metrics
  • Export additional STL files for 3D printing
  • Remove the need for re-meshing in CFD solver

Use Scripting to Automate Workflows

The software's functionality can be accessed using an integrated scripting interface, and through languages such as Python, Iron Python, C#, Java, Visual Basic and Boo. Macro recording and a log history converter can also be used to automate steps, while user-created plug-ins can be incorporated within the software to improve efficiency when processing image data.

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