Simpleware for Medical 3D Printing

Use Simpleware to build robust medical models from 3D image data (MRI, CT, micro-CT...) for 3D printing. Generate STL files with watertight triangulations for high-quality printed results suitable for use in 3D medical research and simulation. Integrate CAD-designed medical devices with patient-specific data and add lattices to experiment with functionality before manufacturing. Save time and obtain better models with Simpleware.

Robust solutions for image data and CAD

Rapidly visualize and apply analysis tools to 3D medical image data using Simpleware. Take measurements and compute statistics to fully explore your data. Integrate CAD and patient-specific image data to produce models containing medical devices and other implants. Complete your medical model workflow by exporting robust STL files directly to 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing processes. 

  • Image processing tools for removing unwanted artefacts, such as metal fasteners
  • STL creation guarantees conforming interfaces for multi-material printing
  • Volume and topology preserving smoothing to avoid compromising accuracy
  • Options to generate FEA/CFD models for simulation in leading solvers 

Adding lattice structures

Extend the functionality of Simpleware software with intuitive lattice tools for adding to image data and CAD objects within your medical models. Reduce weight and try different types of flexibility and stiffness, as well as part thickness, when designing medical implants. Rely on Simpleware software’s ease-of-use for interacting with image data and CAD to carry out a wide range of design and simulation tasks. 

  • Select part wall thicknesses, volume fractions, unit cell type...
  • Achieve a smooth interface at the structure-wall interface and auto-close cavities
  • Generate blended junctions between lattice and enclosing walls
  • Direct export for 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing
  • Export models with lattices as volume meshes for FEA and CFD 

Applications areas include:

  • Printing medical devices and anatomical structures from scans
  • Virtual exploration of device designs
  • FDA cleared to generate 3D printed models for visualization and educational purposes*

*This clearance does not cover medical devices manufactured from those output files. It is the responsibility of the user to seek regulatory certification for any manufactured medical devices.

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