Simpleware for Medical 3D Printing

Anatomical 3D Printing for Better Patient Intervention Outcomes

Simpleware software offers a fast, easy-to-use solution for processing medical image data into 3D models for pre-surgical planning and 3D printing. Use the software to generate watertight STLs for direct export to 3D printing applications. Get more from patient-specific images by combining image and CAD data for evaluating implant positions. Take advantage of tools for visualizing and measuring medical image data, as well as for exporting meshes suitable for FE/CFD simulation.

Why Use Simpleware Software for Anatomical 3D Printing?

The extensive image processing and 3D printing tools available in Simpleware Software enable you to generate high-quality patient-specific models with minimal time and effort.

  • Easy-to-learn and use: Intuitive interface with quick-and-easy access to all tools and features.
  • Accurate and reliable: High-quality anatomical models to practice and plan complex surgical procedures.
  • Customizable: Automate repeatable tasks and operations with scripting and plugins.
  • Print-ready: Wide range of export formats (*.3mf, *.stl, *.obj, etc.) suitable for a variety of 3D printers.
  • Fully supported: All licences come with full support from our expert team of application engineers.
  • FDA, CE, and ISO Certified: Exceptional Software cleared for end-to-end diagnostic 3D printing.

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Simpleware for Medical 3D Printing

Image Processing

  • Wide range of image processing tools to help create highly accurate models from 3D & 4D image data
  • Automated and semi-automated tools to quickly obtain regions of interest: thresholding, region growing, floodfill…
  • Extensive set of filters for handling challenging image data with poor contrast, artefacts and low quality
  • Split tool to quickly separate parts including anatomy-specific presets
  • Interactive statistics tools to measure volumes, surface 

3D Printing Toolkit

  • Prepare, analyze, and inspect models from image and/or CAD data ready for 3D printing
  • Preparation tools: cut, hollow, emboss text or add supporting connectors to your model
  • Greyscale visualization: apply a color map to the surface of the 3D printed model representing the greyscale values of the image data
  • Inspection: color proofing and printability checker to help get the model right first time
  • Export: specific and general surface export formats suitable for a variety of 3D printers

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