TCAD - Calibration and Services

Calibration and consulting services for optimizing TCAD deployment

Synopsys TCAD tools are used by process and device engineers at all major semiconductor companies to develop and optimize semiconductor technologies. Occasionally, the tools need to be calibrated for a particular technology, so that they can be more predictive for future nodes. Synopsys TCAD Services offers calibration, simulation, model development, and consulting to customers. Our team targets the optimization of processes and devices using TCAD tools and the investigation of technology development and manufacturing issues using a vast knowledge base of proven process and device modeling methods.

Our goal is to improve time and cost effectiveness in the design, development, and manufacturing of semiconductor devices and technologies using process and device modeling techniques. We apply TCAD and process compact model methodologies to solve technology issues and to mitigate risk by involving flexible and extensive resources, and highly trained personnel.


  • Calibrated and predictive TCAD for Manufacturing
  • Fast and inexpensive analysis and optimization of process technology
  • Elimination of lengthy system operations and numerous test wafers