TCAD - Structure Editor

Tools for creating geometric structures for TCAD simulation

Sentaurus Structure Editor is a 2D and 3D device structure editor. The distinct operational modes share a common data representation. Geometric operations can be mixed freely, adding more flexibility to the generation of 3D structures.

In addition, Sentaurus Structure Editor offers state-of-the-art visualization. Structures are displayed as they are created and powerful view filters make it possible to select a subset of regions and to make regions transparent. Sentaurus Structure Editor is powered by the ACIS® geometry kernel, which is well proven and widely used as the basis of many different applications.


  • Direct CAD operations can be used to create 2D and 3D structures
  • User-friendly interactive graphical user interface (GUI) with state-of-the-art visualization GUI and front end for meshing engines
  • Scriptable commands can be recorded and replayed from the GUI