TCAD Services – Calibration, Engineering, & Consulting

For Optimizing TCAD Deployment Success

Synopsys TCAD tools are used by process and device engineers at all major semiconductor companies to develop and optimize semiconductor technologies. Occasionally, the tools need to be calibrated for a specific technology, so that they can be more predictive for future nodes.

Synopsys TCAD Services offers calibration, simulation, model development, and consulting to customers. Our team has extensive know-how in helping customers to deploy TCAD-based technology development methodologies, resulting in a significant increase in engineering productivity, reduction in development costs, and improvement in product yield. Drawing upon a wide spectrum of experience and expertise from TCAD modeling and technology development, our experts deliver turnkey solutions for consistent, accurate, and predictive process–device modeling of a wide range of technologies, such as Logic, Analog and Discrete, Memory, Optical, and Electrostatic Discharge (ESD).

Our Goals

To improve time and cost-effectiveness in the design, development, and manufacturing of semiconductor devices and technologies using process and device modeling techniques including the latest TCAD machine learning capabilities.


  • Calibrated and predictive TCAD for Manufacturing, with calibration and simulation methodology transferred to your engineering team
  • Fast and inexpensive analysis, model calibration, and optimization of process-device technology by our automated Gradient and Machine-Learning based tools and expert TCAD modeling workflows.
  • Elimination of lengthy system operations and numerous test wafers


Model for elimination of lifetime-limiting carbon vacancy defects in SiC by thermal treatment (Journal of Applied Physics)