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RSoft Passive Components Training

September 20–22 and 27–29, 2022
2:00 p.m.–6:00 p.m. CEST 2:00–6:00 p.m. CET
Online via Zoom
Fee: €1200/$1200 per attendee

RSoft Photonic Device Tools allow users to design and simulate both passive and active photonic devices for optical communications, optoelectronics, and semiconductor manufacturing applications. The tools are easy to use, accurate, and provides increased design flexibility for fast virtual prototyping.

Course Goals

This training program begins with the basics of the RSoft Photonic Device Tools and gradually moves to intermediate and advanced topics.

Course Format

This online course will combine lectures and demonstrations, as well as hands-on examples and workshop problems. Questions and discussions are encouraged.


Course Outline

  • Introduction of simulation methodology used by the RSoft Photonic Device Tools
  • Introduction to the RSoft CAD where the geometry and optical properties of a design are set
  • Basic RSoft CAD topics such as Symbol Table, Component Properties, and Material Libraries
  • Advanced RSoft CAD layout options
  • Mode solving Discussion of the FullWAVE™, DiffractMOD™, and BeamPROP™ simulation engines.
  • For each simulation tool: Algorithm overview,
  • How to set simulation parameters including grid sizes, initial field, Measurements and simulation output, Advanced simulation options,
  • Application examples
  • Parameter scanning and simulation scripting
  • Data analysis and post-processing
  • If interest from attendees and time allows, other RSoft Photonic Device Tools such as FemSIM™, GratingMOD™, BandSOLVE™, Solar Cell Utility™, Multi-Physics Utility™, and the LED Utility™ can be discussed.

Who Should Attend?

Current users of RSoft Photonic Device Tools are invited to attend these training sessions.

Important Information

  • Attendees should have their own PCs for the training. Access to Zoom platform required.
  • RSoft must be installed on the PC. Light Tec will provide key files if needed.
  • Tuition includes teaching materials.
  • Tuition much be paid in full 10 days after the training.
  • Training sessions are subject to space limitations and topics are subject to change without prior notification.
  • Minimum enrolments apply. Under 4 participants we will cancel the training and postpone your participation to the next training.

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