Course Description

CODE V features industry leading design tools for optimizing your imaging systems. In this course, you will learn about the extensive capabilities of using CODE V to improve your optical designs.

The course assumes you have familiarity with CODE V, and basic usage of CODE V’s optimization tool, Automatic Design.

Topics include:

  • Optimizing with Aspheric Surfaces 
  • Global Optimization with Global Synthesis
  • Optimizing for Tolerance Insensitive Designs
  • Material Choice in Optimization
  • Working with User Constraints 

Course Information

Attendees are required to provide their own laptop with the latest version of CODE V installed. For additional information, please see the CODE V hardware/operating system requirements. 

CODE V software must be installed before attending the class. A download link to course materials will be provided prior to the class. Please email for help on setting up the laptop before the first day of class or to verify that you can access Zoom Meetings.

Registration Information

Who Should Attend? 
Any engineer or designer who wants to learn to use CODE V to design and optimize image-forming optical systems will benefit from this course. The course assumes familiarity with using CODE V to input and analyze lenses, and basic usage of CODE V’s optimization tool, Automatic Design. 

Registration and Fees

The fee for this short course is $500. 

Attendance is limited, though minimum enrollments must be met. Pre-registration with payment must be made at least two weeks before the start of the courses. The fee is refundable up to that point. (A $200/€200 fee is charged for later cancellations.) 

For all registration questions, please contact: 

Synopsys OSG Training Registration  
Phone: (626) 795-9101  

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