• Complex geometry: NURBS surfaces, mesh surfaces, trimmed surfaces (faces) and boundary representation (BREP)
  • Regular surfaces: planar, cylindrical, spherical, conic
  • Trough surfaces: parabolic or free curve based
  • Procedural surfaces: rotation, rotational parabolic, rotational hyperbolic, rectangular paraboloid, variable rotation, sweep, swing, offset, skinned, pillow optics on free surface, Compound Parabolic Concentrator (CPC) or free-curve-based pipe surfaces along a spline curve (for fiber optics)
  • Curve types: parabolic, circle, ellipse, helix, hyperbolic, polyline, NURBS curve, trimmed, Bezier arcs, formula curves, approximated, interpolated, explicit, fitted

Free Form (FF) Surfaces

  • Profile surface
  • Explicit surface
  • Fitting surface
  • Point Cloud Surface
  • Surface approximation
  • Surface interpolation
  • Piecewise surface interpolation

Lens Types

  • Aspherical
  • FF fresnel
  • Elliptical
  • Hyperbolical
  • Spherical
  • Planar Convex
  • Planar Concave
  • Biconvex
  • Biconcave
  • Rotational lens
  • Extruded lens
  • Potato chip lens
  • Rectangular FF lens

Emitter Material

  • Lambert emitter
  • cos^N
  • LID emitter based on photometry data files
  • Ray file emitter; light source with a given ray distribution
  • DirectionalEmitter
  • IsoradiantEmitter

Emitter Libraries

  • Library with automotive lamp models
  • Library with LED sources with intensity curves

Actor Material

  • Specular or diffuse reflective
  • Refractive or diffuse refractive
  • Bidirectional reflection and transmission distribution functions BRDF and BTDF (user defined)
  • Absorbing

Sensor Material

  • Candela, Lux and Lumen sensor
  • Ray sensor; captures a ray distribution
  • Vector sensor (light direction sensor)
  • Cdm2Sensor
  • FlowSensor

Sensor Options

  • Ray selection  (direct/indirect light)
  • Ray selection  (refraction indices)


  • Forward Monte Carlo ray trace
  • Single step backward Monte Carlo ray trace to calculate luminance images
  • Fast light mapping; gather light on a surface and shoot it into the sensors
  • Gather sensor light; load sensor direct from light sources
  • Reverse sensor light; calculate light source distribution "reverse" from sensors
  • Random rays
  • Interactive ray trace

Geometry Analysis

  • Interactive ray path display
  • Curvature and other surface properties
  • Ray deviation along a surface

Light Analysis

  • Gradients, filters
  • Addition, subtraction, scale, mirror
  • Cross section of light distribution
  • Measurement tables

LID Test Tables

  • Automotive License Plate
  • ECE
  • SAE
  • JIS
  • Argentina
  • Brasil
  • Automotive Lighting:
  • Automotive ECE
  • Automotive SAE
  • Automotive JIS
  • Motor Cycle (ECE & SAE)
  • Customize LID test tables

Light Data

  • Candela, Lux and Lumen distribution
  • IES, CIE or EULUMDAT photometry file
  • Other native formats of goniometer and lighting manufacturers
  • 4-dimensional LID data
  • LID Editor: create dynamic LID files
  • LID Editor: create multifunction LID files

CAD Data Import and Export

  • .3dm; a Rhino3D file holding complex surface data,
  • .stl; a Stereo lithography format with triangle meshes (import only )
  • .dat; a simple point data file format with lines and quad meshes (import only)

The native LucidShape file format in LucidShell language. The powerful surface design CAD system Rhino3D can be used as a front end to LucidShape to import and export all major CAD formats such as IGES and STEP.

Import and Export of Luminous Intensity Distributions

  • .ies;  an American standard for photometry data from the IES association
  • .cie;  an international standard for photometry data from the CIE association
  • .ldt;  EULUMDAT; an european standard for photometry data
  • .lid; the native LucidShape photometry file format in LucidShell language
  • .lmt; LMT goniometer format
  • .csv; LMT goniometer data in Excel text
  • .cvs; LMT measurements CVS
  • .krs; OPTRONIK measurements
  • .oa; OPTRONIK measurements
  • .kzu;  Kohzu Seiki light distribution
  • .dis; ASAP light distribution binary
  • .din; ASAP light distribution ASCII

Import and Export of Light Ray Data (for ray file emitter)

  • .ray (I)    Light ray data created from a ray sensor and used by a ray file emitter.
  • .ray (II)   Measured light sources such as Radiant Imaging, Inc., Radiant Sources.

Animation Objects

  • Timer
  • Trigger