IC Compiler II

The Leader in Place and Route

IC Compiler II is a complete place and route system that enables 10X faster throughput for designs across all process nodes, while improving final QoR. 

Accelerating Time to Results on Advanced Designs

IC Compiler II is specifically designed to address today’s hypersensitive time-to-market pressures while delivering best-in-class solutions for flat and hierarchical design planning, early design exploration and prototyping, placement and optimization, clock tree synthesis, routing, manufacturing compliance, power integrity robustness and low-power challenges.  By leveraging industry-leading signoff technologies, not only from within the Synopsys Design Platform but also more broadly throughout the industry, IC Compiler II has the capability to run RedHawk™ Fusion Analysis under the hood to deliver in-design rail analysis with perfect correlation to ANSYS®’ RedHawk signoff results.  Users are now enabled to perform automatic preventative and repair steps to maximize design robustness.