AI Design Solutions

Innovation for the Age of AI

AI Design Innovation is Transforming the World Around Us

The emergence of Machine Learning is bringing about new, disruptive, AI-driven design solutions. Like self-driving cars that continuously observe real-world driving conditions, this new breed of design tools learns from iterations and uses in chip design environments to offer a leap forward in productivity.

AI-Driven Design Applications

Synopsys' solution is an artificial intelligence and reasoning engine capable of searching for optimization targets in very large solution spaces of chip design. revolutionizes chip design by massively scaling exploration of options in design workflows while automating less consequential decisions.

Machine Learning-Enhanced Tools

Machine learning offers opportunities to enable self-optimizing design tools. These new ML-driven capabilities can be embedded in different design engines, giving EDA developers a new arsenal of solutions for today’s demanding semiconductor design environment.

AI Chip Design Solutions

Hardware design has become a core enabler of innovation for the age of AI. Synopsys delivers comprehensive design solutions that enable the design of AI hardware, from today’s AI accelerators to tomorrow’s cognitive systems. Synopsys design solutions and professional services are behind many AI "super-chips", from the data center to the edge.

The Latest News in AI​ & ML

International Symposium on Physical Design - Best Paper Award 2021

Synopsys wins for Machine Learning-Enabled High-Frequency Low-Power Digital Design Implementation at Advanced Process Nodes by Siddhartha Nath and Vishal Khandelwal, Synopsys 

AI Hardware Summit 2020

This annual summit proved to be an exciting one, providing unique perspectives on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, model standardization and interoperability. Learn about the four key takeaways.