Making a Difference: Community Impact

Synopsys Armenia cultivates a socially responsible culture to inspire a new generation of leaders through successful partnerships with industry, academic, government, and non-governmental organizations.

Strengthen. Engage. Inspire.

One of the core values Synopsys embodies is giving back to the community. Armenia employees are actively engaged in STEM, social, ecological, health, and other humanitarian initiatives by sharing their time, passion, and talent to strengthen local communities. Examples of employee contributions include gift drives for local orphanages, arranging disabled people’s art-works exhibition-sales and charitable crafts fairs of Synopsys Armenia employees’ handmade items.

Together with “Armenia Tree Project” NGO and “My Forest Armenia” Fund, Synopsys Armenia has been actively engaged in tree planting and forestation helping reduce air pollution and supporting a healthy environment in Yerevan and Armenia regions. Driven by the motto “One Tree for Each Employee”, Synopsys Armenia employees have planted more than 13,000 trees in 19 years.

Armenia Green Team

Shaping the future of Smart Everything brings great opportunities and important responsibilities – the future is not smart if it is not sustainable, just and secure.

The Armenia Green Team established in 2019, consistently launches impactful initiatives for addressing environmental challenges and inspiring employees to get involved in local sustainability efforts. Guided by a theme: Reuse, Recycle, Restore the Green Team drives projects aimed at raising awareness around everyday actions and bringing a vital and meaningful behavioral change for sustainable, just and secure future.

Global Impact. Local Leadership.

Building on the year-round community engagement, Synopsys Global Impact Day is a special initiative that mobilizes for largescale, done-in-a-day projects, making a big impact in local communities worldwide. Armenia volunteers constantly bring humanitarian initiatives to make positive changes in the communities where our employees live and work.

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