IoT Design: The Future Is Smart & Connected

Synopsys Editorial Staff

Feb 24, 2022 / 2 min read

Whether you are asking Siri what time the movie starts, you are remotely giving commands through your phone to your thermostat, or sensors at the parking garage are solving for your parking problem, the world is getting more convenient. That's because the technology we create is getting more connected and smarter. Did you know that there are more than 25-billion devices and that number is growing? IoT design is helping to connect these devices to build a world of Smart Everything.

This week's wrap-up explores IoT design, including IoT design techniques for low-power, security challenges, and key smart technology innovations. Check out these articles from our experts for a great overview of challenges and opportunities in IoT design.

Woman Controlling Smart Kettle Using App

Accelerating IoT Designs: Designing for Low Power in the Era of Smart Everything

We are on the cusp of a world of Smart Everything and widespread connectivity is helping to bring it about. To make it happen, designing for low power is critical in IoT designs, particularly with the expansion of mobile, 5G networks, and automation. Check out these key low-power design techniques and learn about the hurdles and possibilities involved in scaling your IoT applications. This article explores how high-quality IP can accelerate your design process.

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IoT's Inconvenient Truth: IoT Security Is a Never-Ending Battle

IoT has a lot to offer society, but how do you keep bad actors at bay? In this article, you will learn about security challenges in IoT design and practical solutions to stay one step ahead in the security game. Hint: bake your security in from the beginning of your SoC IoT designs. This post will cover two ways you can secure your IoT designs.

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Smart IoT Edge Applications Require Lower Power Processing

Smart devices have become ubiquitous requiring machine learning technology that will enable them to become contextually aware and responsive. But what about the power challenge? Learn about the differences between training and inference in machine learning and why having the right processor for neural networking processing is important for implementing power-efficient designs.

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5 Key Innovations that Are Making Everything Smarter

This article discusses five key innovations for a smarter, more connected world. In addition, to covering IoT, this article covers AI being an important differentiator in chip design, safety-critical applications in automotive, advanced chipsets, telecommunications and network infrastructure in 5G, and the cloud. This article is a great overview of important innovations in smart technology.

Synopsys tools help you navigate the fast-evolving world of IoT to meet your requirements for power and to keep your designs secure and energy efficient. If you would like to explore chip IP for IoT applications, uncover further resources, or speak with an expert, learn more.

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