Fast Turnaround Time, Constraints, and Design Guidelines for FPGAs

This on-demand webinar will highlight Synopsys Synplify synthesis features such as Fast Synthesis, Auto Constraint, and Continue on Error for early and first design pass with fastest turn-around time.

Topics covered include:

  • How to apply best HDL synthesis coding practices for optimal FSM, RAM, and DSP inferencing 
  • How to setup and verify proper timing constraints for FPGA synthesis
  • How to probe, preserve, and map design logic to technology specific primitives for optimal results using Synopsys Synplify specific attributes and directives
  • How to takes advantage of placement aware optimization with Advanced Synthesis for best timing QoR and logic placement
  • The best congestion mitigation techniques using Synopsys Synplify features such as routability, par explorer, advanced LUT combining, and P&R  Re-Synthesis

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