Verdi Performance Analyzer

Engineers using Verdi Performance Analyzer

Protocol-oriented Performance Analysis Debug

Performance is a critical source of competitive advantage for modern SoCs, and performance targets need to be verified in addition to functionality. SoCs can be configured in a multitude of ways and performance verification can quickly get overwhelming.

Synopsys’ Verdi® Performance Analyzer enables interconnect/SoC teams to perform automated system-level protocol-oriented performance analysis and debug. It helps quickly identify system bottlenecks and ensures that key performance metrics like latency/bandwidth are on target. Verdi Performance Analyzer automatically computes pre-defined or user-defined metrics based on attributes captured in the simulation FSDB, and visualizes results enabling users to easily spot threshold violations. Additionally, it is natively integrated with Verdi Protocol Analyzer to seamlessly link and root-cause these violations to specific transactions.

Screenshot of software tool Verdi Performance Analyzer GUI