Verdi Advanced AMS Debug


The rapid growth of industry segments such as Internet-of-Things (IoT), mobile and automotive is driving the convergence of analog and digital components onto a single SoC design. On the verification front, what was previously implemented as separate verification processes for analog and digital designs are now coming together in a highly complex mixed-signal verification flow. Consequently, there is a need for a specialized mixed-signal debug solution that caters to both analog and digital engineers, as well as system integrators.

Verdi Advanced AMS Debug in Verdi Unified Debug Platform

AMS Debug in Verdi Unified Debug Platform

Synopsys’ Verdi® Advanced AMS Debug provides comprehensive views of the overall design and enables seamless debug for co-simulation of analog, digital and mixed-signal subsystems within a unified debug environment. It accelerates debug of the interfaces between analog and digital components with powerful debug automation capabilities and also provides an intuitive interface that greatly simplifies the manual and painful process of co-simulation setup.