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Issue #2: EDA for Superconducting Electronics and Quantum Computing

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In each of these newsletters we’ll provide an update on different topics and areas where Synopsys has been working across the industry on strategic technologies. 

In this issue, we take a look at the area of superconducting electronics (SCE) and its importance to quantum computing and design. Synopsys, working in collaboration with IARPA, is on the frontline of developing tools and flows to enable the design of circuits operating near 0 Kelvin. The implementation of SCE is an important stepping stone and enabler of quantum computers which are beginning to scale in size and complexity. Quantum computers will be especially suited for aerospace, defense, and security applications.

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Synopsys has created many technical webinars to keep our aerospace and defense customers up to date on the latest Synopsys innovations. See the links below:

Writing Structured Testbenches in VHDL
Oct 28, 2020 - This webinar introduces some modern verification concepts and shows how you can create a structured testbench in VHDL by presenting a VHDL testbench methodology.

Ensuring Safety in Automotive IC Designs – TestMAX CustomFault
Sep 30, 2020 - In this Synopsys webinar we will describe the basics of analog fault simulation including how it can be used to model and verify the impact of random hardware failures in an IC, and discuss the three primary applications of analog fault simulation: analog test coverage analysis, functional safety verification, and silicon failure analysis.

AI SoC Case Study: Emerging Neural Networks Drive IP Innovation
September 01, 2020 - This presentation will describe how leading AI SoC customers are supporting emerging requirements for fast-changing neural networks. 

Functional ECO Techniques for Faster Design Cycle Closure
Aug 26, 2020 - This webinar highlights functional ECO solutions and how they have helped in optimal patch generation and faster patch validation methods.

From System to Software: A Study in Efficient, Robust Design for Electric ...
Aug 20, 2020 - In the fast-growing domain of electric vehicle development, many challenges exist. Range anxiety and cost are adoption barriers, in addition to challenges with hardware and software.

Accelerating High-Frequency Trading with FPGAs – Mike Dini’s Perspective
Aug 6, 2020 - Mike Dini, formerly of the Dini Group, will share his expertise in FPGA hardware and how FPGAs are being used to optimize low- and high-frequency trading (HFT) applications.