Technical Webinar Series – 15-Minute Feature Highlights of Simpleware ScanIP

Posted on 11 July 2018 by Tim Williams

At the Simpleware Product Group, we are constantly trying new ways in which to help and interact with our customers, some of which are: workshops, our Monday to Friday support team, online seminars, and web/ workshop training sessions, to help our customers get the most out of what Simpleware ScanIP software can do.

Join us for our new 15-minute webinar series, every Wednesday, where one of our experienced Application Engineers will be presenting highlights of the tools and features found within Simpleware ScanIP.

These 15-minute webinars are a quick way to learn more about individual tools, and you can fit the episodes into a coffee or lunch break. Watch them live as they go out every Wednesday or watch them later on-demand.

The schedule for this series include:


July 11, 2018:

Software licensing and installation

Summarizing the steps for installing and managing your software license

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July 18, 2018:

Navigating the software interface

Learn how to efficiently navigate the tools and features available

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July 25, 2018:

Working with 2D and 3D views

Learn how to effectively visualize your data in the 2D slice views and 3D view

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August 1, 2018:

The Threshold tool

Learn how to quickly segment masks from image data

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August 8, 2018:

The Flood Fill tools

Learn how the Flood fill tools can speed up segmentation

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August 15, 2018:

The 3D Editing tool

Learn how to apply the 3D editing tool to tidy your segmented masks

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August 22, 2018:

The Split tool

Learn how to use the Split tool to easily and quickly separate touching regions

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August 29, 2018:

The Interpolation toolbox

Learn how to speed up segmentation of low-contrast or challenging image data

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September 5, 2018:

The Statistics framework

Learn how to obtain in-depth stats from your masks and models

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September 12, 2018:


Learn how to fit centerlines to your masks and calculate statistics using them

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September 19, 2018:

Generating Animations

Learn how to generate and export high quality animations of your image data

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September 26, 2018:

Exporting STL files for 3D printing

Learn how to generate and export high quality and watertight STL files

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