Technical Webinar Series – New Features in N-2018.03 demonstrated in 15 minutes

Posted on May 8, 2018 by Tim Williams

Here at the Simpleware Product Group, one of our core values is to help customers use our product to the highest of standards. Therefore, we are dedicated to bringing our customers weekly webinars. As we understand time is precious, these webinars are only 15 minutes long. You can watch them either live as they go out every Wednesday or watch them on-demand on your coffee or lunch breaks.

These weekly webinars are hosted by our in-house Application Engineers, who work with our software day in day out, and are experts on the latest features of the Simpleware software suite.

The schedule for this series include:

May 16, 2018:

Image Registration of Multiple Image Datasets

Learn how to use the background registration tool for co-registering image data sets

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May 23, 2018:

The Power of Shape Fitting

Learn how to use Shape Fitting tools, and quantify objects such as screw holes/ extract anatomical coordinates

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May 30, 2018:

CAD Registration and Surface Deviation Analysis

Learn how to register CAD files to the corresponding image data parts

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June 6, 2018:

Wall Thickness Analysis

Learn how to calculate the thickness distribution for the inputted data’s’ mask or surface region

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June 13, 2018:

Volume Mesh Import and Remeshing

Learn how to import a volume mesh using the Simpleware FE module

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June 20, 2018:

Visualizing Different Cross Sections of your 3D Data

Learn how to use the Reslice Tool to visualize your image data along a user-defined plane

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