Simpleware Release M-2017.06 Now Available

Posted on 06 June 2017 by Jessica James


We’re happy to bring you the latest version of Simpleware. The M-2017.06 release includes new features and performance improvements across the 3D image to model workflow. We have added new segmentation tools, enhanced the visibility of measurements, and introduced a new landmark registration tool for positioning CAD models in image data. The release also provides new improvements to our outstanding meshing capabilities.

Accelerate Segmentation

We have improved our segmentation tools to increase your productivity when working with low contrast data or imaging artefacts. New features include smooth interpolation between slices and 3D wrap, making it easier to process image data and increase usability and flexibility in the software during segmentation tasks. Improvements to existing features include updates to the fill gaps and 3D editing tools.

How you'll benefit

  • Manual input operations reduced through smooth interpolate tool
  • 3D wrap tool allows you to achieve better segmentation with complex image data by automatically shrink wrapping and smoothing any mask, with options to paint slices in one or multiple views
  • Faster 3D editing operations allow up to a 10x speed increase

Improved CAD Positioning

User-friendly landmark registration tools allow you to select points on ‘moving’ and ‘fixed’ objects, interactively select points in the 3D view, and automatically register the ‘moving’ object based on the best fit of landmark points. 2D surface object nudge capabilities also make it straightforward to position CAD objects within your image data.

How you'll benefit

  • Landmark registration improves accuracy and reduces manual effort, for example when aligning medical devices and regions of the human body
  • 2D view surface object nudge makes it easy to fine tune position from initial positioning

Enhanced Visualization and Inspection

We have enhanced the software’s visualisation performance, enabling you to reduce time and enjoy more interactive and responsive 3D model manipulation when exploring your data.

How you'll benefit

  • Faster visualization capabilities include a ~10x increase in average dataset sizes, as well as 10% reductions in preview rendering time and 50% drops in animation preview rendering time
  • Work with large datasets with no noticeable performance decrease up to 55M triangles

Get more from your image data by viewing multiple measurements simultaneously, and benefit from enhancements to our centerline measurement tools. Quantify your image data and obtain results quickly and easily.

How you'll benefit

  • Speed up your inspection workflows by displaying multiple measurements simultaneously in 2D and 3D views
  • Probe centerline measurements allow cross-section measurements to be obtained interactively

Strengthening Meshing Productivity

We’re continuing to improve the ability of Simpleware to generate simulation-ready meshes for FE and CFD. In version M-2017.06, you’ll be able to enjoy a number of new optimization features to create meshes tailored to your simulation and computational requirements.

How you'll benefit

  • New and enhanced mesh quality improvement options allow you to optimise mesh quality against specific quality metrics
  • Save your mesh within a project file and avoid the need to remesh, reducing waiting time, and enabling the sharing of meshes with colleagues
  • Generate more complex meshes by exporting multi-label mask contacts, identifying multiple, disconnected domains within one mask, and automatically export all contacts between domains

Productivity Enhancements

Improve your experience of the software by:

  • Controlling module access
  • Applying intelligent undo

Why Upgrade?

If you’re already a Simpleware user, upgrading to version M-2017.06 will provide access to new tools which can reduce segmentation time and improve output. Simpleware users will generally find version M-2017.06 to be an accessible and powerful software environment for creating very high-quality models from 3D image data. Avoid the difficulties and steep learning curves associated with 3D image data, and obtain robust, ready-to-use models every time.

Those working in the Life Sciences can particularly benefit from:

  • A faster 3D view for exploring anatomical datasets
  • Faster segmentation of conventionally difficult image data, including data with image attenuation, metal artefacts, and poor out-of-plane resolution
  • Improved fill gaps tool for complex data
  • New CAD tools also increase usability when fitting implants and consumer products into patient data
  • Improved mesh quality for export to CAE solvers
  • Saving a mesh with a project file makes it easier to share and collaborate on tasks

Materials engineers can similarly improve their processing of complex multipart data, including:

  • A faster 3D view for visualizing materials datasets
  • Enhanced fill gaps tool for segmenting complex materials
  • Improved mesh quality options for multiphase materials
  • Saving a mesh with a project file makes it easier to share and collaborate on tasks

Any Questions?

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