CATS - Computer Aided Transcription System Software


Technology Leading Mask Data Prep

CATS® is a highly scalable and flexible software application that transcribes complex design data into machine readable instructions for e-beam and laser machines used for the pattern generation and manufacturing of IC, MEMS, TFT-LCD, TFH, photonics, and biochip products.

CATS has installations in virtually every photomask manufacturing facility worldwide, and is the de facto standard for mask manufacturing, inspection, metrology, and direct-write-on-wafer. 


  • Manufacturing Rule Check
    CATS is the only available software package to support e-beam and laser exposure tools, as well as all major inspection tools.
  • Metrology Marking
    Using jobdeck information and electron beam pattern file data, CATS Metrology Marking option provides a unique graphical and command-driven environment.
  • Inspection Data Prep
    CATS is the only commercially available software package to support both a wide variety of electron beam exposure tools and all major photomask inspection tools.