Polarization Splitter

Tool Used: DiffractMOD

This example uses DiffractMOD and illustrates the modeling of a polarization splitter based on the structures in Ref. [1].

Structure Overview

This structure consists of a diffraction grating composed of an array of a simple rib structures, and appears in the RSoft CAD as:

Polarization Splitter Structure Overview | Synopsys


The goal of this simulation is to determine how different polarizations are diffracted by this structure. While it is not necessary, several periods of the structure have been created as shown above, only one period will be used for the simulation. The calculated diffraction efficiencies for this structure are:

Simulation: The results (TE is on the left, TM on the right) | Synopsys

The results (TE is on the left, TM on the right), match the results in the reference quite well.


[1] M. Schmitz, et al, Gratings in the resonance domain as polarizing beam splitters Optics Letters 20 1830 (1995).