Obtaining Host IDs for CODE V & LightTools

The Host ID is a unique value encoded on the USB dongle (or PC Hardware if you are not using a dongle) used to run CODE V or LightTools. You will need to provide your Host ID when requesting CODE V and LightTools license keys from the web interface on the Synopsys SolvNet site. For more details, read a complete overview of the process for obtaining and installing license keys.

Each license key is associated with a specific Host ID. If you have multiple seats of CODE V or LightTools, you can identify which license key file is associated with your specific USB dongle using the Host ID value.

If you do not know the Host ID value for your USB dongle, the GetHostID utility will provide it.


• If you have CODE V 10.4 (or higher) or LightTools 7.2 (or higher) already installed on your PC, you can obtain your Host ID via Start > Programs > CODE V 11.x (or LightTools 8.x.x) > GetHostID.

• If you do not have CODE V or LightTools already installed, you can request a standalone GetHostID Utility from optics@synopsys.com.

• If the GetHostID utility is encountering problems reading the USB dongle, you may need to download and install the Sentinel USB key driver.
• If you are not using a USB dongle, your license key is associated with a unique Host ID value for your PC hardware. This value is displayed in the GetHostID utility in the Hardware Host ID field.

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