What's New in RSoft

The latest product releases accelerate the design of state-of-the-art photonic components and systems.

Software For Photonic Device & Optical Communications System Design

Synopsys’ RSoft products are used to design and analyze optical telecommunication devices, optical components used in semiconductor manufacturing, and nano-scale optical structures. They enable engineers to design and optimize the optical components and systems found in products such as fiber optic networks, semiconductor lithography equipment, silicon optical chips and LEDs.

Within the physical layer, the Photonic Component Design Suite allows users to design and simulate both passive and active photonic optoelectronic components and subsystems.

The Photonic System Design Suite allows users to design and simulate current and next-generation optical communication systems and photonic integrated circuits at the signal propagation level.

RSoft System Tools New Features Videos

View videos of new features in the latest versions of OptSim, OptSim Circuit, and ModeSYS on the Customer Support Portal (requires an account). 

Short Course Design and Simulation of Photonic Integrated Devices and Circuits

Originally presented at the American Institute for Manufacturing (AIM) Integrated Photonics in December 2015, and at the AIM Photonics Academy in April 2016.

This short course introduces approaches for designing photonic integrated devices and circuits using photonic design automation tools.

View the presentations on the Customer Support Portal (requires an account and login):

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