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Expert Illumination Engineering Services

We have decades of experience delivering innovative, cost-effective illumination engineering services. We can help you quickly realize your design goals for a broad range of systems, including LED optics, street lights, automotive lighting, aircraft lighting, backlights for LCDs, illuminators for scientific and industrial instruments, solar collectors, projection displays or unique illumination products. Our illumination engineers are expert users of Synopsys’ LightTools and LucidShape software products, and take full advantage of the tools’ advanced design and optimization capabilities to meet your design requirements.

Industries we serve include:

  • General Illumination
  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Medical
  • Displays
  • Consumer Products
  • Military

Illumination Application Expertise

Our illumination engineer consultants are experts in a broad range of applications, from general illumination to backlit displays. Here are some examples.

Sources and General Illumination Systems

  • LED luminaires
  • LED backlights (RGB and W)
  • LED light engines
  • LED light pipes
  • LED beam-shaping optics
  • Freeform reflectors
  • Freeform refractive lenses
  • Medical Lighting
  • Emergency lighting
  • Camera flashes
  • Illuminators for imaging applications
  • Street sights
  • Machine vision illumination
  • Entertainment lighting
  • Medical instruments
  • Automotive lighting, interior and exterior
  • Instrument clusters
  • Aviation Lighting
  • Fiber optic illumination
  • Modeling of volumetric scattering materials
  • Custom LightTools macro development
  • Photorealistic renderings for concept design

Display Systems

  • Backlight units
  • Projection systems
  • Micro-optic films
  • Light guides
  • Frustrated TIR and surface computing
  • NVIS displays
  • Mobile devices

Automotive Lighting

  • Electronic displays, including instrument clusters, flat panel backlit displays, LED light guides and OLED displays
  • Interior lighting, including reading and mirror lamps, LED light guides for interior coves, and diffuser characterization and modeling
  • Exterior lighting, including LED, halogen and HID headlamps, projector lamps and lens design, freeform reflectors for headlamps, and signal lamps
  • Navigation, including IR illumination systems, heads-up displays, LIDAR, and proximity detection


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