Looking for Help with Your Optical System Design?

We have the right team, tools and methods to make sure your system works in the real world.

Our optical engineers know electro-optical systems design, thermo-optics, opto-mechanics and materials science. From design conceptualization through delivery, we’ll ask the right questions and find answers that lead to cost-effective solutions.

Industries that we serve include:

  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Consumer products
  • Opto-mechanical systems
  • Opto-electronic systems
  • Thermal analysis
  • Software/firmware

We Know the Ropes

Our optical engineers can work with you at any stage in your project. We know which government-sponsored advanced optical technologies make sense for a commercial product. We know the best commercial practices to apply to bring government hardware online quickly and in a cost-conscious way. Our work can help engineers and project managers better asses the cost-effectiveness of hardware proposed.

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When You Can't Afford Surprises

We make sure to help identify and manage risks long before they become a problem. The result: overall program cost reductions and successful systems delivery.

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