Processor Solutions for Multi-function Printers

Printing, scanning, copying, even faxing – multi-function printers can do it all. For each multi-function printer model, image processing algorithms, performance requirements and functionality vary, calling for a programmable solution to allow for wide deployment of any SoC. Performance requirements are high in order to quickly process high-resolution images, making high-performance controllers, and specialized processors tuned for image-processing tasks a necessity. Synopsys’ high-performance DesignWare ARC processors and ASIP tools address these challenges.

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  • ARC HS38 high-performance 32-bit processors with support for SMP Linux
  • Multicore interface options
  • Closely coupled memories & direct mapped peripherals
  • Custom instruction extensions to add differentiating HW


  • Performance-optimized HS36 for controlling image correction, contrast, tone functions

Vector ASIP array

Programmable accelerators