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Processor Solutions for RADAR

Automotive advanced driver assist systems (ADAS), use multiple technologies to gain 360 degree awareness of surroundings. RADAR offers visibility in poor lighting and weather conditions, and is used for ADAS front collision avoidance, pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control and emergency braking. ARC HS4xD and EV6x processors offer the range of processing to meet vector signal processing demands. Synopsys’ ASIP Designer tool offers developers the ability to create high-performance processors for front end FFT processing.

Read the Digital Signal Processing for Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave RADARs White Paper

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Programmable accelerator(s)


  • High-performance ARC HS4xD with dual-issue RISC + DSP architecture
  • Multicore interface options
  • Closely coupled memories & direct mapped peripherals
  • Custom instruction extensions to add differentiating HW


  • Wide SIMD, VLIW vector processor (EV6x) for computation of Kalman filters, mathematical algebra functions and vector operations, for tracking and sensor fusion
  • Fully optimized and integrated vector floating point execution for half, single and double precision, with customized mathematical function floating point ISA