Leaders & Spokespersons

Chekib Akrout

Corporate VP, Strategic Programs

Dr. Thomas Andersen

Sr. Director, R&D

Ed Bard

VP of Business Operations, Solutions Group

Janick Bergeron

Synopsys Fellow

Dr. Chi-Foon Chan

President & co-CEO

Madeline Chan

Corporate VP, Sales Operations & Strategy Development

Jan Collinson

Human Resources & Facilities Officer

Dave DeMaria

Corporate VP, Corporate Marketing

Dr. Antun Domic

Chief Technology Officer

Barbara Donaldson

VP, Global Real Estate & Facilities

Glenn Dukes

VP, Professional Services & Strategic Alliances

Dr. Pradip Dutta

VP & Managing Director of Synopsys India

Phil Dworsky

Director, Strategic Alliances & Publisher of Synopsys Press

Lisa Ewbank

VP, Investor Relations

Tom Ferry

VP, Marketing, Silicon Engineering

Manoj Gandhi

GM Verification Group,
Corporate Staff

Dr. Aart de Geus

Chairman & co-CEO

Sassine Ghazi

co-GM Design Group,
Corporate Staff

Deirdre Hanford

co-GM Design Group,
Corporate Staff

Gal Hasson

Sr. Director, Product Marketing,
Synthesis & Equivalence Checking

David Hsu

Director, Product Marketing,
Simulation & Functional Safety Verification

Dr. Burkhard Huhnke

Vice President, Automotive Strategy

Jim Ivers

VP of Marketing, Software Integrity Group

Dr. Michael Jackson

Corporate VP, Design Group 

Joe Jarzombek

Global Manager for Software Supply Chain Management

Dr. Bijan Kiani

VP of Product Marketing,
Design Group

Dr. Howard Ko

GM Silicon Engineering Group, Corporate Staff

John Koeter

VP of Marketing, Solutions Group

Shankar Krishnamoorthy

Sr. VP, Digital Implementation Solutions

Dr. Andreas Kuehlmann

GM Software Integrity Group, Corporate Staff

Joachim Kunkel

GM Solutions Group, Corporate Staff

Ed Lechner

Director, Custom Design
Product Marketing

Gabriel Lezmi

VP of Synopsys Sales, Europe

Dr. Paul Lo

Corporate VP, Design Group

Joe Logan

Sales & Corporate Marketing Officer

Ofer Maor

Global Director of Security Strategy

Dr. Gary McGraw

VP of Security Technology

Navraj Nandra

Sr. Director, Marketing, DesignWare Analog & MSIP Solutions Group 

Dr. Steve Pateras

Sr. Director of Marketing, Test Products, Design Group

Trac Pham

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Posner

Director of Product Marketing, DesignWare USB/DisplayPort & IP Subsystem Solutions

Hasmukh Ranjan

Corporate VP, Chief Information Officer

Robert Ruiz

Director of Product Marketing, Test Automation 

Rick Runkel

General Counsel

Michael Sanie

VP of Marketing,
Verification Group

Tom de Schutter

Director, Product Marketing, Physical Prototyping

Marc Serughetti

Director, Business Development, Prototyping & Automotive

Dr. Johannes Stahl

Director, Product Marketing, Prototyping & FPGA

Mike Thompson

Sr. Manager, Product Marketing

Christopher Tice

VP, Verification Continuum Solutions

Swami Venkat

Sr. Director of Marketing,
Design Group

Mary Ann White

Director of Product Marketing, Synopsys Design Platform

Geoffrey Ying

Director of Product Marketing, AMS Group

Dr. Yervant Zorian

Chief Architect, Fellow & President of Synopsys Armenia