Electric Vehicle Virtual Prototyping

The Synopsys unified virtual prototyping solution for Electric Vehicle (EV) enables exploration of design options, evaluation of tradeoffs, development of embedded software and multiple layers of verification before any hardware is built. The integrated solution leverages Synopsys’ best-in-class virtual prototyping technologies, including Virtualizer™, Silver, TestWeaver® and Saber, enhanced for the specific needs of electric vehicle system development. From control system and power electronics to firmware and application development, to functional safety, system integration, and calibration, the multi-discipline integrated solution enables earlier and more productive development, and rapid scaling of test activities by removing the dependency on a physical hardware set up.

Accelerate EV Electronic System Development with Virtual Prototyping

Accelerating EV systems development requires an integrated, collaborative and multiple discipline approach from hardware to software and systems. Learn how Synopsys’ industry-leading virtual prototyping solution enables an integrated development flow for EV systems from anywhere at any time while starting earlier, increasing productivity and removing dependencies on physical systems.