HAPS Deep Trace Debug

Troubleshoot and Debug Made Easier

Learn more about the best practices and Synopsys tools to help troubleshoot your FPGA-based ASIC prototype and quickly isolate hardware bugs once a SoC is operational on the target system. Synopsys can help you deploy a design-for-prototyping methodology that will shorten the time-to-prototype and produce a system that can execute at the clock frequencies necessary for system validation.

Introducing HAPS Deep Trace Debug

  • Learn about the latest Synopsys solution to increase debug capacity of a HAPS system by 20x
  • Connect and configure HAPS ProtoCompiler for HAPS Deep Trace Debug
  • See a demonstration of how HAPS Deep Trace Debug can increase storage capacity necessary for protocol analysis

Learn more about design-for-prototyping best practices and the latest tools: