HAPS Gateway

HAPS Gateway is a state-of-the-art resource management capability for companies adopting HAPS prototyping. It enables prototype engineers to reduce their support burden by delivering fully packaged prototypes directly to their end users. End users, such as software teams, can pick up a specific prototype and start working with it from the convenience of their web browser.  

HAPS Gateway remote Python scripting enables an automated flow with the software user’s CI/CD environments, such as Gitlab and Jenkins. A rich set of APIs and the support for widely used standards such as LDAP and Mongo Database allow IT infrastructure managers to integrate the prototype into established flows and IT infrastructure. HAPS lab engineers can centrally manage their hardware installation and automate inventory management. HAPS Gateway provides detailed utilization reports enabling business decision makers to make informed decisions about their required prototyping investment.

Maximize HAPS Prototyping Usage with Managed Remote Resources

Optimize User Experience with HAPS Gateway

Deploying Custom Apps