Synopsys SLM SMS IP is a comprehensive, integrated test, repair and diagnostics solution that supports repairable or non-repairable embedded memories across any foundry or process node. Silicon-proven in over a billion chips on a range of process nodes, Synopsys SLM SMS IP is a cost-effective solution for improving test quality and repair of manufacturing faults found in advanced processes. Synopsys SLM SMS IP is highly automated design implementation and diagnostic flow, including Silicon Browser and Yield Accelerator, enables SoC designers to achieve quick design closure and significantly improve time-to-market and time-to-yield in volume production.

Synopsys SLM SMS IP includes optimized test algorithms specifically targeted at increasing coverage for memory defects like process variation and resistive faults that are prevalent at smaller process nodes, including 14/16-nm and 7-nm FinFET.

DesignWare SMS flow Diagram

Synopsys SLM SMS IP Capabilities

SoC designers, silicon aggregators, and leading foundries targeting automotive, IoT, enterprise, and consumer applications licensed SLM SMS IP with the added flexibility of consulting services for memory BIST planning, generation, insertion, and verification.

Look Ma! No Hands! Test & Repair Requirements for Autonomous Vehicles

Joachim Kunkel discusses how advanced automotive semiconductors are being driven by ADAS & autonomous driving systems to move to smaller nodes. The presentation covers automotive test and repair requirements and solutions to help ensure automotive functional safety.

Joachim Kunkel
General Manager of the Solutions Group, Synopsys


  • Automated testbench capabilities and proven validation flow for successful bring up of first silicon on automatic test equipment
  • Tight integration of memory with test and repair through Synopsys SLM SMS IP for minimal impact on timing and area, resulting in quick timing closure
  • Protection from multiple transient errors through ECC Compiler
  • Superior failures diagnostic capabilities such as physical failed bitmaps, XY coordinate identification and fault classification of failures reduces time-to-yield and time-to-volume
  • Supports Internet of Things (IoT) applications with industry's first commercial BIST solution for embedded flash
  • Certified to support the ISO 26262 ASIL-D standard for automotive functional safety

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