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QuantumATK - Atomistic Simulation Videos

Building Realistic Multilayer Structures

Data-Intensive Atomic-Scale Modeling with QuantumATK

Getting Started with QuantumATK. Basic Atomistic Simulation Workflow

Automatic Generation of Machine-Learned Force Fields

Building Thermoplastic Polymers

QuantumATK S-2021.06 Release Highlights

New release includes many new features, e.g. Machine Learning based force fields, tools for surface process simulations, and ab initio LCAO hybrid density functional method.

Thermochemistry Analysis

Demo of easy-to-use atomistic thermochemistry selectivity analysis tools for studying advanced surface processes, such as ALD, ALE, ASD, CVD, and CVE.

Dynamics of Etching and Deposition Processes

Demo of easy-to-use surface process dynamics tools for studying advanced surface processes, such as ALD, ALE, ASD, CVD, and CVE.

QuantumATK Platform for Atomic-Scale Modeling

Introduction to QuantumATK software for atomistic simulations, providing effective tools for all levels, synergistic solutions, and realistic physics outcomes in complex materials.

Adsorption Tool

Demo of how to conveniently adsorb molecules on a surface for battery and catalyst simulations with an easy-to-use GUI.

Molecular Builder

Demo of how to conveniently build molecules with an easy-to-use GUI.

Video: Advanced 2D Plotting

Presentation of how QuantumATK can be used to work with 2D plots, perform advanced editing of plots, link and combine them, and fit data to linear and other models.


QuantumATK P-2019.03 Product Release Highlights

The new QuantumATK P-2019.03 release includes many new features, e.g. meta GGA SCAN functional, and performance improvements, e.g. for ion dynamics, that enhance R&D process and generate higher quality end results in semiconductor & materials research.

Video: Using NanoLab with Python Console & Snippet

Introduction in how to use python console and snippet in QuantumATK NanoLab Builder.

Advanced Analysis for Fat Bands & Projected DOS

A fast-track presentation of QuantumATK analysis tools for calculating the projected band structure and projected density of states.

Calculate & Visualize Fermi Surfaces

A fast-track presentation of how to use QuantumATK to calculate and visualize the Fermi energy surface of any bulk material.

Silicon Nanowire Field-Effect Transistor

Presentation of how to set up a silicon nanowire field-effect transistor structure, perform calculations and analyze results in QuantumATK.

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